Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Beauty lessons from Mom


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Quite often it is still believed that beauty is a natural gift. That belief is so wrong. Yes, we are beautiful from the birth, and every woman is beautiful inside and out, but it is essential to preserve that external beauty - to emphasize individual qualities. Grace is a combination of harmonious shapes and clothes, face and hair... A beautiful looking woman trusts herself, she is calm, and that is because she is convinced of the pleasant impression she puts on everyone around. I am writing this article while visiting my homeland Lithuania and my beloved mom's stories inspire this. And I want to share them with you today. You can agree or disagree, it‘s apparently up to you. Enjoy.

"Beauty is the most influential woman's weapon. How much in this life can be won by beauty alone, few who manage to resist women's charm? Women are reaching for beauty all their lives, even though sometimes they deny it. From youth to the end of life, they strive to be attractive, because the inside and outside beauty have no limits. Each woman has its beauty secret, so being beautiful is not hard at all. As education forms a character, and education of intelligence, as well the natural need of a woman to be beautiful, is necessary to be taught for a woman to develop her aesthetic charm and taste, and to teach her how to be amazing. But be aware that the beauty of the real woman is not physical, not only that makes her attractive. The real beauty of a woman is born of the harmony of the body and spiritual beauty.
All our beauty depends on ourselves. It requires knowledge and the most important - desire to achieve it. Appear attractive - far more than being beautiful since birth. This is the art which every woman must govern. What to do always to look nice?
First of all, keep in mind the saying: "It's better to save than to cure." As much as possible, protect your natural beauty - the very nature of your greatest wealth. Use natural remedies provided by nature. The "Sleeping Beauty" tale tells us one of the most important natural sources of beauty - sleep and relaxation. After every rest and sleep, our beauty comes back alive. Suitably combining work with rest can make you look great for a long time without much effort. Use the natural factors to charm your body. Pure air is an essential supporting tool. Learn how to breathe correctly to get enough oxygen in the blood. Do not forget the simple tools: daily exercise, outing, and jogging. Beneficial are air baths, but for it to be effective, footwear must be comfortable, and the clothes lose. While singing in the field, the lungs are well cleansed, and also singing calms the nervous system, one of the most critical factors in beauty.
Do not forget the sun - a source of life and beauty. It is said that once the sun was looking for a pretty woman, today beautiful women are looking for the sun. But the stick has two ends - remember that the rays of the sun give health and beauty, but its unwise use can make you hurt yourself.
Legends say that beauty was born out of the water. Aphrodite is out of the sea. No one can beat the water in the beauty battle; it helps a woman save her beauty or make her even more beautiful.
The climate is one of the essential factors in beauty; the most beautiful women were born in the mild Mediterranean climate countries - ancient Elada and ancient Rome. Climate change - resting on the seaside or in the mountains - has a magical effect. All natural factors can be combined with physical, cultural exercises. By modest use, body harmony is achieved.
It is not accidentally emphasized that beautiful skin is vital for a woman. Therefore, it needs special care.
And the most important thing is cleanliness! If you want to be attractive, follow hygiene rules. Know how and when what soap to use. With age many cosmetic things are happening to us: drying skin, producing spots on our face. To prevent them – that's why skin should be looked after. Because of the defects due to biological aging - we can either hide after a sore or accept the fact that we are not getting any younger. It's nice to have an excellent aesthetic taste, gain the right knowledge about body and skin hygiene and cosmetic care. It's never too late to be beautiful. "

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