Sunday, June 10, 2018

Why do we bully overweight people?

Don’t be afraid to be different.

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Hope your Sunday is going well. It’s lovely weather in England lately, so I am enjoying every single minute I can before it gets rainy again. Today I’ll write about something that’s been bugging me for a long time now. Bullying. Especially bullying about being too fat or too chubby. Why people in the 21st century still can’t accept the fact that not everyone is the same? How come, that we, the people pretend to be so educated and polite yet judge everyone else by their looks? Especially on the internet. 

In my opinion, the fact that people judge others by their weight is because since childhood they’ve been thought that only slim and pumped people bodies are beautiful and that is honestly, the stupidest way to educate a kid. We live in a world where kids are growing up with Barbie dolls, and Superman figures and all those toys are always in so-called perfect shape. All the successful people in movies and fashion are always shown as perfect shaped body owners. I am glad it’s changing now, and more famous world industries are accepting the fact that everybody is beautiful no matter how much they weigh or how they look, but before let’s be honest, when we said ‘oh she’s a model’ the first thing we imagined was a thin and beautiful woman. No way we could imagine someone who’s a little chubby to be a model before. This lack of fashion is also what made people think that fatter people are less attractive than slim ones. 

People also think, that fat people are lazy, and all they do is eat and sit on their couch. And it is baseless. FYI, eating a lot isn’t the only cause that can make someone gain weight. Sometimes you have to stop and think before putting a comment. People have different reasons for being fat like

metabolism or any other diseases. And even if they’re fat by their own choice for overeating – it’s not for us to judge or to laugh. Think, if you were a little overweight, how would YOU feel if someone ruled and made fun out of you because of how you look like? Would you feel as good as you think when you laugh at someone else? Not.

All this body shaming and bullying gets people into depressions, makes them be stressed all the time, hide their bodies under oversized clothes and also kind of forces to go and lose some weight even if they are not interested in doing so. But when they try to go and lose weight they are still getting bullied. Why? They made it to the gym; they are trying to change, just let them do their things? So many times, I’ve seen overweight people at the gym and felt proud that they made it to there, and are making changes. But there’s also a group of people at the gym with their perfect

bodies, who can’t stop looking at the overweight people, and instead of cheering up for them, stands and silently laughs. I am not saying all slim people do that, but there’s always someone. And of course, when a person who is already depressed for being bullied non-stop sees that even when they are trying to change the bullying does go away eventually, they’ll give up and will decide to work and learn to be happy with how they are. And that’s when the next stage of bullying starts – they’ll be called losers for giving up. Thin people usually have a lot of pride in their self for looking good and finds it quite amusing to pick on the fat person. When this happens in childhood, the more obese child immediately develops the lack of self-esteem and the taste of depression, and that’s my dears, are for life. More or less all overweight people suffer from some pressured depression about their looks, even if they don’t look like they do. And this depression leads to further weight gaining and the cycle goes round and round.

I, myself gained some weight in the past year. And I can admit that I don’t feel right about it. And I want to lose it so badly that I'm planning to go to the gym soon. And yes, I feel uncomfortable at the gym, but I know that I have to get over the uncomfortable zone, and do what I have to do – work for the body I want. I never judge overweight people, because it’s entirely their business and their life, and this crazy bullying for extra pounds a person should forever be stopped. 

I think being fat is something similar to being homosexual. It’s each choice and natural appearance, but society still can’t accept this truth. Will humans ever be able to take it? I hope so.

P.S If you still think that only slim people are beautiful, please, take a look at an Instagram profile of Noelle Downing hopefully that can change your way of thinking. She's my biggest inspiration and a prove that you don't have to be afraid to show and love yourself just the way you are.

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