Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What's so good about relationship?

It’s Wednesday, and I am already tired. 

Hey there!

First of all, I’d like to say big thanks for your interest in my last blog about body shaming; I still can’t believe how much attention that post has got! It means a lot to me, every single one of you means a lot to me.

But there is one specific person, who means more than anyone else, the one who always supports me and pushes me forward to do what I love. Even if I sometimes let him down, he is still there for me whenever I need him. It is my boyfriend. We are together almost since when I moved to England, and like most of the people nowadays we met each other on Facebook. As every normal couple we’ve been through hot and cold, but never have we let each other go. And I am thankful that he sticks with me, even knowing that I am a real headache sometimes.

He has seen me in my worst and my best states. From the beginning of our relationship, I had so many crazy ideas like selling stuff on the internet, opening an online shop, etc., etc. Bad ideas like wasting some money without him knowing and later on figuring it out, and YET he has never left me or hurt me. He’s been there, yes maybe deep inside so angry that there are no words to describe, but still supporting me hoping I will succeed. And this time is no different, he knows I love writing and taking pictures, and I believe he believes that I can make this blog work. And his believing in me is the biggest thing that makes me want to make this blogging hobby work out the best I can. 

Sticking with each other through good and bad and supporting each other crazy ideas, I think that is precisely what makes relationships strong. Relationships are not always 50/50, sometimes one of you is going to have a bad day, so you’ll have to suck it up and make it 80/20. And the most important thing that keeps our relationship strong: we are friends before we’re a couple. You have to feel open to your person; you must accept them as your best friend before you can take them as the love of your life. We don’t mind joking around with each other, and we don’t even care to call each other funny names because we know we don’t mean to hurt each other. I think it’s also healthy for your relationship to be a little cheeky with each other, because personally for me it’d get too sugary if we only called each other all the sweetest names in the world. The good thing about us two is that we are both not romantic. We don’t need a bath full of bubbles and rose leaves, we don’t need candles leading to the bedroom, all we need is a lovely and peaceful talk with each other, a hug or a kiss on a forehead. Simple things like this make my heart happy, and I hope it makes his heart happy too.

But talking about lovely relationships, there is also another side of love in this world. For example, I’ll never understand a person, who is staying in relationships and feeling unhappy or staying with someone who hurts them psychically and physically. A lot young woman out there stays with men just because they have kids together. And they ignore the fact that the man hits them sometimes and that they are feeling hurt and empty all the time. I know it might sound harsh, but you should not sacrifice your happiness thinking it’s better for your baby, because no child will ever be happy seeing his mum being hit or hurt by his dad or any other man. 

If you’re not happy with your relationship – better leave earlier than later. Don’t keep a person with you, if you’re not sure that you want to be with them. Why hurt someone just because you can’t decide what you want? Everyone deserves to be happy, and if you’re currently not, it means you are with the wrong person, and still on your way finding your human, and when you find it – you’ll know it’s the one. And I think I have already found mine, and hope that you’ll find yours soon too.

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