Saturday, June 9, 2018

Top 5 apps I can't go a day without

Can you feel it’s weekend?

Hey there!

It’s weekend, feels like this week took forever to pass. I’ve been working on night shift this week and yesterday I was scrolling through my phone apps, and decided to write a blog about my top 5 apps I got on my phone! And I am not talking about the ones such as Instagram or Facebook, because duh, it’s evident that we are all using them daily. Feel free to share yours as well if you got any special ones that you can’t get a day without.

So my number one is Spotify. I am using iPhone, but I can’t get used to apple music app, and I think Spotify itself is way better than any other music app available in app store. It’s easy to use; you don’t have to pay for it. However, you can go premium if you want some extra features such as listening to music offline, but then again, almost all of us have internet 24/7, so a free copy of Spotify is more than enough for me. It’s available for both Android and IOS, and you can even get it on your PC or MAC and have all the music you love everywhere you go!

2nd one is LightRoom mobile. I never used it until I decided to start my blogging, but wow, now I can’t live without it! Once you get an idea of how to use it correctly (I am still learning) it becomes so useful, it literally can make your Instagram feed go from 0 to 10, just be patient, try all the tactics, watch some tutorials on YouTube, get some free Lightroom pre-sets from google, and try and work with them adjusting it for your taste. I think like with everything else You have to find a specific unique way to edit your photos.

The 3rd one is also for pictures. It’s called FilterLoop. It’s only available on mobiles, there is no version for windows or mac, but it’s a compelling one. I think it’s pretty much like LightRoom just more comfortable to use and has loads of filters already made for you to use straight away. You can either get a limited free version or the full one for about £5. The free version has limited filters unlocked, but otherwise, it’s also good enough if you’re first time user of it. For my Instagram feed to make a warm pink tone I use both LightRoom and then a specific filter from Filter Loop, but I am still learning, so who knows I might change it all over one day, but this app is the one I can’t go without!

Number 4 on my list is Preview app. It’s the app where you can build your Instagram feed before actually posting it to Instagram. All I do is upload about six pictures into preview app that I think I’ll be uploading to insta later on and then play around moving pictures right and left until you make an eye-catching feed that flows together. Sadly I am too bad at building my instagram. It’s a free app, but you can buy a full edition once you get a free one. But I think the full one is a subscription and not a one-time payment.

Number 5 for me is Pinterest. My favorite app from where all my ideas come. I’ve already built a list on there of how I’d like my garden to look like next summer and how I’d love my house to look like after we do some refurbishing. It’s a brilliant app if you’re currently out of ideas and need some inspiration to keep going. Also, it’s full of beautiful quotes, and I am obsessed with quotes, lol!

Hope you can find something useful for yourself in my top apps list, notice that all of them are free, so you can try it out without being charged. Enjoy! 

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