Monday, June 4, 2018

Shopping for less or: all I like about Primark and more.

And it's Monday again.

Hey there, 

I never really shop at expensive brand shops. I often chose Primark instead of costly brands because you basically get the same clothes just for the lower price. Don’t hate me now for saying it, but I’ve had clothes from both cheaper and more expensive shops, and the only difference I noticed was in winter jackets quality. I bought a coat (similar to this) in River Island like 3 years ago for £95, and it is still in perfect conditions after all this time, but all other clothes are just different in price, but not so much in quality. 

For example, once I bought a pair of jeans, can’t recall where exactly but I think it was TkMaxx, a shop that sells branded clothes for less in the United Kingdom. I believe in the United States you have a similar shop called Tjmaxx, bought few pairs of shorts and one blouse there while on holiday and I kindly think TjMaxx has way better quality clothes than our TkMaxx. So guess what, my jeans from a shop that sells branded stuff lasted me for about 3 months, and I paid almost £35 for it and had to throw them away due to how horribly they looked. Then I got myself another pair of jeans, but this time I went to Primark and paid like £8 or £9, and it’s been about 2 years, I still got them, and wear them kind often. 

What’s best find in Primark for me? Pajamas. I can’t find them to be better anywhere else. It’s like Primark is created to sell pj’s, heh. A while ago I was obsessed with buying PJs, and every single time I went out to town to do some shopping it was a must to get myself into Primark and buy a new PJ. I still got like 10 different ones! The second great find was sweaters. Comparing to H&M, Primark sweaters are way better quality. You can wash them million times, and they still will look OK, I bought an adorable sweater in H&M and washed it maybe twice, and bye it went into a bin. 

But as much as I love shopping at Primark and the reason why is because I am probably a girl that’s: clothes quantity is better than quality, I have another favorite shop in my list, and that’s Select. I just love everything about it. Everything I ever bought in that shop seems to be indestructible. Quality works well for the price. My favorite item from Select is their never-ending deal of black leggings 2 for £12 or something like this. Leggings don’t last long for me, but it’s because I wear them every day, because it’s so comfy! And their dresses and sweaters are fantastic as well, got a dress that has been washed for like 100 times now and is still looking like new.  

Another obsession for me is cheap shoes. And once again Primark has a wide range to choose from. Yes, they might not be as good as expensive brands, can’t argue with this one when we talk about shoes, but it still pretty decent quality compared to the price they are selling them at. I have about 4 different pairs of shoes from there, and they are all worn quite often, and all they need is a bit of cleaning and will honestly look like never worn! But, I wouldn’t offer to buy high heels from there as they are not comfy for a long run. It might be sweet and attractive for the first hour of your night out, but then you will start thinking about throwing them into a bin outside the club. However I also want to be honest with you, shoes are the only thing I don’t mind paying a little more to get what I fancy. And I cherish converse. I’ve got 2 or 3 pairs of converse, all leather because the fabric doesn’t work for me, it damages my legs, and I can’t wear it for a long time, but the leather type of converse is a fantastic choice for me. They are a little bit more expensive than fabric ones, but I think it doesn’t hurt to pay for your own happiness, does it? The latest addition to my converse family was the ones from the new collection called Pastels, and I got them at a great price of $65 in Los Angeles outlets, glad I did that because here in the UK they cost about £80! 

I still got some plans to try out thrift shopping, but it’s so complicated out here because I can’t really find any decent thrift shop in my city, and I don’t know if there’s none or am I just terrible at searching. However, if I ever find any, I’ll make sure to let you all know!

Yes, I am a cheap city girl. I don’t like blowing hundreds on my clothes, because I know I will only wear it a few times and it will just lay down in my wardrobe together with all other clothes I don’t wear anymore, but eh, who can judge me, I just love having loads of clothes and shoes!

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