Sunday, June 3, 2018

England differently

There’s a place in England, where you feel like abroad…

Hey there!

As you all know, I am currently living in the United Kingdom. And what does everyone imagine when I say England? Cloudy, rainy weather or similar architecture buildings right? But no! There is much more of England than that. Let me tell you where I was some time ago. It’s called English Riviera, and it is the south of England. To be honest, it doesn’t even look like England there. English Riviera other than that is called Torbay. It’s made up out of 3 beautiful beach cities: Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham. We stayed in a very middle of Riviera, Paignton city. Once again we did not book any hotels and just went straight for Airbnb and got our self a lovely room with a view to the ocean. Sadly that person is not hosting anymore, but you can find some good deals in Paignton if you visit Airbnb.

On our way to Riviera, we also visited a city called Bath. It’s not a big one, but very beautiful and is worth stopping for a few hours. There are some fantastic spots to take pictures or to sit and relax the beauty of the city. You can find more about Bath here. Once you get there make sure to visit Circus Street, Pulteney Bridge and Bath Abbey. We didn’t have enough time to visit botanical gardens or any other gardens and parks at all, but from what I’ve seen while passing by, they are worth a visit.

So what’s so different in Riviera that I am saying it doesn’t look like England? Well, first of all, it has so many palms, and second, there are too many beautiful beaches that make you feel you’re in Spain or somewhere similar. We went there for about 3-4 days, and it was more than enough to see everything. We didn’t plan it as much as we planned our trip to the USA, we just went straight there, and then just visited around cities checking everything on our way. I would say the South of England can be expensive if you go to the first random restaurant or hotel, but if you dig some deeper and longer, you can find pretty good deals.

Make sure you also visit The English Riviera wheel and Berry Pomeroy castle and don’t forget to take a look at Meadfoot beach! Also if you are going to have some spare money, they have a coastal zoo in Torquay, but I haven’t been there. Even though google reviews say, it’s adorable!

On our way back home we spent a day in a city called Plymouth, the port town of Devon. It is not far away from Torbay. Plymouth is more like in Southwest England. There’s also so much to see in that city, but it was pretty cold that day, so we chose to go around the city without any significant planning. But we had to have ice cream because it was only 99p and I have never seen an ice cream in England that would only cost this low! Also, be prepared that it’s hard to find a place to eat on a weekend if you’re hungry and not ready to wait in the cue. Don’t know what’s so magical about that city, but all the restaurants were full of people. It has loads of historical sites there such as Royal Citadel or Crownhill Fort, also make sure you take a look at at least one of beautiful Plymouth Marinas.

My advice is better to choose sunny days to travel because I couldn’t enjoy the trip as much as I wanted due to horrible weather. Unless of course, you’re okay walking in the rain, then book your room and be ready to have some fun for your eyes!

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