Thursday, June 14, 2018

Canon 750d vs Canon 1200d

What are you passionate about?

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 I think we all have something we're passionate about, something we'd love to do full-time but stick with it as a hobby instead. 
I am utterly passionate about photography. I could be making pictures 24/7, and I wouldn't even mind if I am not in any of them. I don't know what's so impressive about it, but I just love it. 

In my whole life, I only owned two excellent cameras. The rest of my photos were done by various models of iPhone. The camera I had for a long time was Canon 1200d, and it's a perfect and affordable choice for someone who is just starting to get into photography thing.  But my most recent one is Canon 750d, and it pretty much opened my eyes to the whole new level of taking pictures. Even though I am not a professional and probably not even a beginner, more like a '' my own holiday photographer '' I can say that 750d is a really decent camera for a fair price. 

 To be honest, I always thought that the bigger the number, the better the camera. You know, like 1200d is better than 70d, lol. I was so wrong and uneducated about this. But we all start with something, don't we? 

So what is so different in those two cameras?  First of all, 750D has more MP. 24 to be exact. Secondly, 1200D has a fixed screen, and 750 screen is fully articulated, which means that this camera is better for making your own pictures so-called 'Selfies.'  

Here's a few reasons why you should choose 750D over 1200D:
1. It has built-in wifi.
2. Touchscreen.
3. Max ISO is 12,800 when 1200D only goes up to 6,400.
4. 19 focus points. 
5. Continuous shooting fps is 5.0 when 1200D only 3.0.
6. You can control 750 via your smartphone remote control.
7. It supports UHS-I memory cards, 1200D supports none of UHS. 

And here's a few of my pictures made with my new 750D, amazing quality, I am very happy with my choice. 

Sheffield Canals, 2018
All pictures were shot RAW.

This one was slightly edited in LighRoom. Added warm tone.
LightRoom preset of warm tones.

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