Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Body Shaming

Tuesday, and I can see some sunshine outside! 

Hey there,

Hope you’re all doing well. This is going to be a thought subject for me. But I think it should be
talked about more often than it’s nowadays. Have you or anyone close to you ever felt what it is to be body shamed? If you did, you know how awful it is to be body shamed. I was, since the teenage years, for being too pale, and for having loads of moles. I was born like this; it’s not something I can change. From the very young age I hated my pale body, and all my moles. On hot summer days, I tried to walk with long sleeves and jeans so that nobody could see my body. A lot of people looked at me like I am not normal like I am from another planet or so. I was called a pale ghost, and some people even called me ‘dalmatian’ for having all those little dots all over my body.

It was hard, I felt pressure and didn’t love my self. But now, as I am getting older, I am starting to get used to my body, and love it just the way it is. We can’t hate our bodies no matter how we look, because if we are not going to love our self, how can we expect someone else to do it? I feel unfortunate for people who are shaming others about something like this. Do they even know what
moles are, how scary it is to live with them? Once in a while, I have to check every each of them to see if it there’s no changes no new ones, etc. etc. If a human has one mole on his body, he already has a more significant chance to get skin cancer, so imagine what it’s like when you have like 1000? Yes, there is an option to remove them with a laser, but it doesn’t mean that they’ll be gone forever.

Teenage years were the most awful for me out of all my life. And I’d never want to go back into childhood and get over everything I’ve had to. It is tough to get used to loving your self when you’re not perfect, isn’t it?  Body shaming has horrible consequences for a person who’s being shamed, but then why it is so prevalent in our everyday life? It is a mostly used defense, particularly during young years.  In some ways, for some people, it feels more natural to say something that will hurt another
person, like targeting physical appearance, rather than expressing what is going on emotionally inside their body. If you want to overcome this problem, you have to find something you love in yourself. We always spend so much time looking at advertisements about how to make our teeth brilliantly white or how to get the perfect body shape, that I think it would be beneficial for once to celebrate what we already have. Maybe, despite your body image struggles,
you love a new style you just discovered, or perhaps you’ve gained a few extra kilograms, and they do look excellent on you? You have to find something physical or nonphysical that makes you unique and what makes you be you and celebrate it every day. And that is what I did about my body. I started to think that it makes me unique, it makes me different from others. I don’t look like any other person around me; my body is what makes me be ME. Nobody would ever confuse me with another person because of my specific look. And that is what makes me feel great, knowing that I have something that others don’t. Find pluses in what you think is your minuses, and life will change all 360. You have to be brave and accept yourself instead of trying to be like everyone else.

And if you feel that you're body shamed or if you know someone who is, please look for help here:


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