Sunday, June 17, 2018

Are you creating your fate?

Sunday Funday is a test your self day!

Hey there!

Hope you're having a great Sunday. Let me introduce what I'll be doing today. I studied psychology for a while some time ago. And they’ve been teaching us about some specific tests that might answer some of your questions about your self. I’d like to share one I made with you today, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. Its an easy 8 question test that will show either you’re creating your fate or not.


                              Are you creating your fate?

Take a paper sheet and a pencil and answer all the questions as honestly as you can. Count the points you’ve got and scroll down to see your answers.

Please leave a comment below if the answer fitted you and was accurate enough. Thank you, good luck!

Would you like to change your spouse/partner behavior?
1.    Slightly, to raise it up to my level. 2points
2.    He/She has habits that I dislike, so I am hoping that with time I’ll succeed in changing it. 0points
3.    No, why would I? Everyone has the right to be their self. 4points

Do you listen to warnings and advice from your friends and relatives?

1.    Yes always. 4points
2.    No, I like to decide on my own. 0points
3.    Yes, I do but rarely. 2points

Do you like to discuss other people?
1.    I am sorry about that, but yes, I love it. 1point
2.    No, and I don’t like when other people do it. 5points
3.    Sometimes, but without being mean or rude. 3points

Do you care about other people opinions about you?
1.    Not really. 0points
2.    Absolutely not. 4points
3.    In some occasions yes. 2points

You are dealing with a critical problem, and in the middle of the work, you find that you have made a mistake in the beginning and you can ruin everything. What are you doing?
1.    Everyone makes mistakes. You keep going hoping it will turn out good. 0points
2.    Starting everything over again. 2points
3.    Trying to save what is still possible to be saved. 4points

Do you always believe what other people gossip about for you?
1.    Sometimes the stories I hear are so unbelievable that I doubt it. 3points
2.    Yes, I do believe, I don’t think people would lie. 1points
3.    No, never because it’s all just rumors. 5points

Do you think that you are a smart person?
1.    No, because most of my actions are based on my feelings. 1point
2.    Sometimes I follow the mind, sometimes my beliefs, so I guess I am 50/50. 3points
3.    Yes, I never do anything until I have thought of all the pluses and minuses. 5points

At the store, you noticed a fairly expensive thing that you want to buy. You have money, but there is still a lot missing. What are you doing?
1.    Borrowing the missing amount. 1point
2.   Once again counting on the money and wondering what you should be abandoning this month to have enough for your desired purchase. 4points
3.    I start to save the amount needed, hoping to buy the item later. 5points


If you got less than 10 points.
You’re ‘The Slave of your destiny.’
You cannot understand why you often find yourself in stressful situations. You begin to think that you are the loser because there is always something wrong in your life. However, when you get into a difficult situation, you do not even think of how you can get out of it. You end up in fate, hoping that over time, the problem will resolve itself. You do everything in a way as you don’t even want because you do not trust your strength. Try to get everything in your hands. Stop proving to yourself that the fate is unfavorable for you. Do not expect other people's help or compassion. Better think that failures will soon end, you need to get started and turn your head on how to solve problems and avoid grief discomfort. Try to anticipate your actions, and if you do not succeed, do not get sad - it's not the end of the world here. Make more confidence in yourself and be more persevering instead.

If you got between 10 and 24 points.
You‘re ‘Kick of the ball.’
Sometimes events happening around you comes to you unexpectedly. That's when you feel helpless, even if you try to hide it from others. Well, the good thing is that you’re not getting into despair but start thinking about what to do instead. The truth is, sometimes you put everything on your ‘bad destiny’ when you to change it. In this case, you do not create your destiny. And you shouldn’t do that this way. If the pancakes were thrilled for the first time, remix the dough. If you have been charged with someone, and you do not feel at all guilty, go and explain it to the person who accuses you. Remember that people learn from mistakes, and losers or unpleasant situations not only bring losses but also enrich the experience. From the psychological point of view, I would like to say that the creation of a fortune begins with a thought: at the beginning, there is a thought, then words, and then actions. It shapes the character and creates the fate. To become a strong person, the power of the mind is needed, i.e., strong thoughts. To gain the control of the brain, one must have a good understanding of what and how to think, when and how much to consider - from this self-transformation and positive changes - destiny begin.

If you got more than 24 points.
You don’t have any significant problems in your life, because your fate is all in your own hands! You know well when, where and how to act to make everything in your favor.

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