Saturday, June 2, 2018

All about my 2 week trip to USA

Let's bring all those memories back! 

Hello guys! 

At the beginning of May, I've had a trip of my life. I dreamed about America since I was a kid, and it finally happened, I visited it! I don't know if there are enough words in this world to describe how happy I was, and how unhappy I'm feeling right now, knowing that it's over and I have to be back into my daily routine... 

We decided to travel all around and see as much as possible, so our choice was to stay in B&B places instead of hotels. We've chosen a viral site called Airbnb.

So long story short, let me quickly tell You where we went and what we've seen. First of all, we landed in Los Angeles, California and went straight into a rental company to get our car. Then stayed there for a couple of days in this fantastic Hispanic lady house here. Meager price compared to the quality of place and people who live there. First, two days were just a total WOW. It's all so shiny, busy, alive. Couldn't imagine it any differently. My heart was melting, and my phone battery was dying from the number of pictures I've taken. The very first evening we didn't see much, as after almost 12-hour flight we were too exhausted to go and see things. All we did was grabbing some food at McDonald's, and then off to bed. Oh wait, we visited Walmart and Target as I was looking for a prepaid sim card to buy to have internet everywhere. Got one for $50, still not sure if that was a good deal or I've got ripped off. 

The very next morning we had a Whales Watching tour booked in at Newport Beach, so had to wake up early, and get our self-moving, because I guess You all heard the stories about Los Angeles traffics... I always believed it was just rumors but oh God it's not. The traffic is horrible, everywhere. You're on a highway, and you're barely moving. Could be called more like a slow way instead, heh. We also did a small walk around Newport beach, pier and around. Ate a yummiiii hot dogs for a $5 deal and enjoyed the beautiful Californian weather. Even though we were unlucky and didn't see any whales, but we managed to see some dolphins and sea lions on the way back. So I guess the trip went well.

In the evening we visited my dream place, Santa Monica. If I had a chance to choose where I want to live freely, that would be the place I'd say without even thinking. And it's not because it is my name, it just has something about itself that gets my brain thinking how awesome it would be if I were American.  Maybe I am just too in love with palm trees and beach sand? Maybe. But that place has my heart forever.

Once it got late, we also visited Griffith Observatory from where you can see all the city lights, sadly my phone isn't good at making pictures at dark, but even if it would, I couldn't be able to show You through the photographs how magical it looked. But believe me, if You ever go to Los Angeles, make sure you visit that place, it's a must.

After two days spent in Los Angeles, we moved on further to Northern California, to visit San Francisco. We've chosen to go via Pacific Highway so we could visit Malibu and Santa Barbara on our way to San Francisco. Can't say I liked Malibu, I think we were in a hurry and chose a wrong beach to visit. But God help me, Santa Barbara was epic, that it made me question my self, do I want to live in Santa Monica or is Barbara the one? I have never seen a place as peaceful and quiet as Santa Barbara, who'd of thought that it would be so dreamy. Felt in love, at first sight, the minute I got off the car... At the end of our trip to San Francisco, we went for a fast dinner in a small town can't even remember the name now, but I called it little Mexico city. Why? Because I ate a gigantic burrito for only like a $5 or so, and it was my first burrito ever in my life, and neither my boyfriend or I could finish it, I am telling you, it's probably the biggest burrito ever made for everyday sales! But yes, it was HOT, and I hate hot food, but somehow I managed to enjoy this one thoroughly. Yum!

San Francisco itself was cold, thinking that LA and SF are in the same state messes my head up because weather temperature difference is crazy. I even had to get my jacket and a scarf out!  However, it is still a city must visit. San Francisco has so much to offer for You to see. Lombard Street, Fishermans Wharf, botanical gardens, famous Alcatraz island, etc., etc. We didn't stay in San Francisco, because even B&B was pricey, we've found a way cheaper deal in Daly city which is like 20 minutes away from the center of San Francisco. I didn't like the place we were staying at because our room rug was dirty and we didn't even have a mirror in our room. That's why I am not going to share a direct link to that place, but I'm sure you can look it up your self, Daly city had many great deals. Talking about our living home, it did have one fantastic thing. The view from the sitting room. You could see the Pacific ocean and sunsets every day. How cool is that?! We also had our first In and Out burger experience in San Francisco, and I agree it's worth waiting in cue for 30 minutes to get that burger because it's over delicious!! Sadly we did not have a chance to visit Alcatraz as all the tickets were sold out for two days in advance. I guess it means I'll have to come back one day and visit it then... I am OK with this idea, heh. Overall I'd say San Francisco was chilly, and it has incredible China Town, but it would never beat Los Angeles for me.

After a few days in San Francisco, the next stop was VIVA LAS VEGAS! Yes, I love Vegas! The architecture, Bellagio fountains, small NY, Paris... And the weather. All is just perfect! We stayed in a fantastic lady house in a private neighborhood but as far as I remember she said that she would not be doing B&B anymore which is very sad because her place and a comfy bed is everything everyone should try out! We stayed in Vegas for two days, the first day we had a plan to go and see Red Rock Canyon, I am glad we did that, don't know if it is because I am a nature kid, but for me, it was also a must see place, all the nature... I doubt there is anything even similar to this in Europe. Its an American landscape, and if you're still planning your trip to the States, my advice is: Fewer cities more National Parks and valleys! You won't regret it. If I ever go back there, my dream is to travel and hike around California/Arizona/Utah national parks.
After a super hot day in the canyon we went back home for a quick change over and headed into the heart of Vegas to see the famous Bellagio fountains, and wow, it may be a short show but positively unforgettable. Now, to be honest, there isn't much to do in the night time in Vegas if you're on a budget holiday like we were. You have few choices there, you either go into a casino, or into a nightclub, and yes we did go into the casino because I mean how could you possibly not? But if you're thinking of a cheap holiday, I don't believe that Vegas is the place to go. Unless of course, all you want to do is get into a hotel and stay near the swimming pool.

And now I guess it was the BEST two days of all two weeks spent in the United States... We visited Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon and a place in Arizona not far from the border to California where they have those big cactuses called Saguaro Cactus. If you're wondering, we stayed in a random motel, just next to the highway in a small city called Ash Fork. It was cheap, clean and comfy, so I am highly recommending this place. If you'd like to know more about it, please click here. Don't know if there is another canyon which is more magical than Antelope. We've chosen 3rd Canyon called Antelope Canyon X because upper and lower canyons were too crowdy and overbooked. When we arrived, we were surprised, that it's too empty and thought that we made a huge mistake and it will be awful. But no! It was perfect! There were only us, so we got a guide just for us, private tour around Antelope for a basic price, and let me tell you it was no worse than Upper and Lower canyons, from what I've seen on pictures on the internet. So I am delighted with my choice to go for a lower price deal. 

Grand Canyon was also magical in its way. I mean, its vast and beautiful, and sitting on the edge of it was incredibly amazing, but after seeing Antelope first, it didn't leave me such a wow. But I am still amazed by it, not as I thought I would be, but no regrets for visiting it. Oh, and if you'd plan to attend any of those two, just FYI Antelope is about $85 for two, and Grand Canyon is about $30 per car.

Last two entirely different things we did before heading back to Los Angeles. We sacrificed our sleep and woke up early in the morning because both things were going two different ways, so we had some driving to do! First of all, we went to look for a historic route 66 sign on the road, where no cars are around so we could sit on the road and take so-called artistic pictures! And then, we went all way back to Ash Fork and turned another way to drive through like half of Arizona to take a picture next to my beloved cactuses; sometimes it makes me question my self what do I adore more, is it cactuses or is it palms? I was almost sure we will not find those cacti around because Google said they could be seen at Tuscon and Phoenix area, and it was way too far from us... But God listened to my prayers, and there I am, standing crossing things from my bucket list! I am one lucky girl!!

And there we go that's how ten days of my holidays passed. Last two days we spent back in LA. We rented a room in Inglewood, it's not the best place to live in LA, but if you're with car, or at least have enough money to go and come back with uber, this house is, and a host was a lovely lady as well. Click here to check the pictures.  On our last days we visited Hollywood sign, and honestly, I don't know where everyone finds all the right spots to take photos next to it, because I couldn't do it. Also, we went for a walk to walk of fame, Venice beach,  and once again Santa Monica but this time to see the sunset and say goodbyes to our beloved America. Would I change anything in this trip if I could turn the time? No, nothing at all. 

Hope you enjoyed it, because I really did, xoxo.

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