Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Algarve, Portugal

Is there anything better than holiday?

Hey there!

Last September we went on holiday to Portugal. We've chosen to visit famous Algarve. Stayed in the city called Faro, because it was close to our airport. But to be honest, to drive around from town to town doesn't take very long, so if you were going to rent a car better choice to live near the airport, as they have some real bad traffics there. We found a room 10 minutes away from Faro airport via Airbnb. Can't see the exact listing now, but we took a room in a flat and luckily got a whole flat for the room price as there were no other visitors at the moment. I thought that Portugal is going to be cold since it was September, so I packed loads of warm clothes, but I was wrong. It was boiling, that I even got my face sunburned, and had a chance to swim in the ocean. Yes in the evening you could feel that it's not summer anymore, but otherwise, it was still a perfect time to go there. Not too hot and not too cold.

We stayed there for a week. For the first and second day, we decided to stay in Faro, walked around the city, got to know local shops and restaurants. Make sure you spend a day walking around town, because there's a lot to see: Faro Old Town, Cathedral, Sao Pedro church, Capela Dos Ossos, and also Ria Formosa, their famous lagoon, although it looked much better in pictures than it did in real life, so we didn't waste our time going there at all. I think Faro itself is a beautiful city but lacks beaches and spots near the ocean. We couldn't find any beach to go by the walking distance, and the best find was about 15 minutes drive away. It's not far away but thinking if you're going without a car and wishing to stay on the beach the city is not for you. 

For the next days, we went to Albufeira and Lagos cities. They all look pretty similar but way different than Faro itself. I'm in love with Portugal architecture style; it just blew my mind, everything seemed so detailed, so vibrant. And both Albufeira and Lagos have beautiful beaches. Full of caves, and gorgeous stones all around. We spent quite a few full days just laying on the beaches, one day in Lagos, and two days in Albufeira. We were lucky to get there in time when wawes were huge, so it was fun days in water non-stop. Make sure you bring some food to the beach with you, because all Algarve is pricey. So unless you have spare £40 to spend on a beach coffee for your fast meal on a day in the beach, I'd suggest bringing some sandwiches or fruits with you.

On our last evening, we went for our last meal in Faro and found a family restaurant, where they cooked a meal for you without the menu. You go into a restaurant and choose fresh meat or fish that's laying behind glass, and you can sit and watch how it gets cooked for you. It was entertaining, and one of the least expensive places we found. Can't say anything wrong, because the food was super tasty. If you ever go to Faro, this is the place: Chalavar, Faro

Oh, we also spent one day in Seville, Spain. But there isn't a lot to tell, so I'll post some pictures later on my brand new Photography section on my blog! 


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