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Cosmetics when you're on a budget. Review.

Would be nice to be rich, would it not? 

Hey there! 

This is going to be a very long blog post, pardon me! I am sure we all would love to be rich at some point in our lives. Sadly, not every one of us can do it. For example me. I am working full-time, getting paid good money, yet, I can't tell you I am rich. I am just as simple as everyone else, getting paid, spending money on a daily basis, and waiting for another payday. However, we women always want to treat our selves, buy some clothes or cosmetics. But we also know, that for example, cosmetics can be pretty pricey depending on the brand. And somehow, we all have that kind of a ''rule'' in our heads, that if cosmetics are cheap - they must be bad quality. But it's not true. I can't afford expensive stuff all the time, so I have to go with a budget one, and I never had any problems with any of my daily used cosmetics. So today I want to share them with you, and maybe you'll find something you might like and buy at an affordable price. Please note, all of the items were purchased in the United Kingdom so that rates may differ depending on your country. However, it shouldn't be much of a difference!

So first of all, this amazing mascara. It's my favorite one. I've got a couple of different ones I am about to show later as well, but THIS one is my number one for a long, long time now. It makes your eyelashes look so long, and also it doesn't stick them together and is easily washable with any of eye makeup removal. Just be careful not to cry with it, because it's not a waterproof one. You can get either get it online for example here , or in any store that sells Maybelline NY cosmetics. Price in stores is a little bit higher, but it varies from £5.98 to £9 never seen it be any more expensive.

 The second thing I used to use a lot, but stopped because I am horrible at using it is Rimmel liquid highlighter ''Good to Glow''. I am better of using pressed powder type highlighters instead, but this one is super cool and long-lasting if you know how to use liquid highlighters. The shade I use is 002 Picadilly glow, and it's more of a pinkish color, but blends very well on your face, so highly recommended. I can't find it in shops anymore, as I think it might be removed from sales now at least in page, but I am sure you can still find it online for as low as £1.90-£3.50. If You're planning to get it, look up here.  

The 3rd product I love and use all the time, but sadly it's going to an end is my favorite MAC foundation ''Studio Sculpt SPF15'' lightest shade possible I guess, but I am so pale that even this one looks a bit dark on my skin, eh! It's super blendable, you only need a small drop for your whole face, and it looks excellent on your skin. Is it good coverage? Well, I've got loads of birthmarks on my face, so from how much it covers it, I could say that coverage is about 6/10. You can find it in any store that sells MAC cosmetics, or online here.  Please be careful if you'll be buying it online from pages like eBay or similar, there is a lot of counterfeit MAC cosmetics flying around internet sales, always choose trustworthy page or seller which can prove you that it's an authentic product. Do not joke with putting fake products on your skin, especially if you're allergic to something. Price is about £30, but it lasts for a long time. I've got mine for almost 4 or 5 months now, and there is still some left.

Next one is my Collection eyebrow kit. My eyebrows are genuinely dark, but it doesn't have an excellent shape without a little touch of makeup. I bought this kit because it had colors matching my nature eyebrow color + eyebrow gel was included in the package for free. Honestly, I didn't have big hopes for it, because I've never used it before, I was always eyebrow pencil slave. But it's so cool, and colors are pigmented 10/10. First time I opened it I used black shade because of my dark eyebrows, and oh god, never again haha. Have to use the lightest one of the kit ''Brunette'' because of how pigmented they are. You also get a little brush in the kit, but I have my big one, so I never really used it. You can find it in stores like Boots or Asda or can get it online for as low as £3.99 in Superdrug website. The kit lasts for a long time because the pans are deep, so there's a lot of powder to use. 

Another makeup product I now use daily is bronzing powder from MaxFactor. I never used any highlighters/bronzers or blushes until this year, guess we all learn something new each year don't we. My first tries were absolute cr*p, but I am getting better, and this bronzing powder is doing an excellent job for me. There is a lot of it in a pan, and it's pigmented, so you don't have to jiggle your brush into a pot for a long time, twist it few times and you have enough powder on your brush for one cheek. There are two different shades you can choose from 01 - golden and 02 - bronze. I am using the second one because it's slightly darker and gives a better glow for your face. You can find it in stores or online for the reasonably same price which is about £4. If you plan on getting it online, there's a link here.  I couldn't find it on an official page, so might be that they are not selling it anymore on there. 

As I mentioned before, I stopped using my liquid highlighter because I found a perfect pressed powder one. It's W7 Glowcomotion. It can either be used as a shimmer, highlighter or eyeshadow; it's all up to you. You kind of get three items for a price of one. It's not as pigmented as I hoped it to be, but if you press your brush or finger a little stronger into the pan, it still does the job. The price is only from £2.90 to £4, so it's worth a try for sure.

Another eyebrow product I use is the one I've got for my birthday. It's not a ''budget'' item, but I just wanted to share it because of how good it is, and I can't hide it when I am talking about my cosmetics. It's Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow definer in dark brown. It comes double sided: pencil in one and a brush in another. They have like 5 or more different shades so anyone can find a perfect fit. The price as for a pencil is high, about £24, but it's pigmented and not oily at all, so your eyebrows will be looking good. Because of its high price, I highly suggest you figure out what exact color you need before ordering it online. Doubt you can get it anywhere in store in the United Kingdom, but if you want to try and get it online, there's a link to an official website of ABH.

I was looking for a setting spray and a primer for a long time but never wanted to spend lots of money as its only the beginning for me of using anything like this. I got lucky to find a deal on eBay of Technic primer and setting sprays bundle for just £2! Yes, ladies, it's like £1 each. And I have been using Technic cosmetics before so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. And I wasn't, and it does the job just like any other setting or primer spray. You can get it online here; however, the price now is almost £5 because I assume the deal of £2 is over. If you want to get something similar to this in stores, you can try and go to Asda, and get a 1in2 make up fixing spray from Collection, it's about £3 or £4, but it's also good, tastes very bad if you manage to get it on your lips.

I think you might have noticed from my pictures that I do have awful bags under eyes, and they are all blue and tired all the time. For this reason, I use concealer FitMe from Maybelline. Its coverage is perfect, after applying it on my face it looks like I never even had those bags under my eyes. I think I've chosen a shade darker than I should, but it's all fixable, so I am not worrying. I bought it in Asda, but you can also get it online from here. Price is bit higher, but you can choose from many shades, so I am sure you will manage to find yours. Sadly, it doesn't last for a long time, so you might need to get another one after a month or so if you decide to use it daily. 

When I am tired of using actual foundation, I move onto Garnier Skinactive BB cream. Using lightest shade possible Light/Claire fits my pale face 10/10. It's like a, but it has 5in1 daily moisturizer, so wearing it you're not only looking better but helping your skin as well. You can get it in boots for £5, or online for the same price here. I don't suggest on using it daily, because it's hardly blendable so if you want to look natural, it's not going to happen with this foundation. I only use it on days when I am not going to have any meetings with a lot of people, just to let my skin have some rest.

This is another foundation I use when I am using my MAC. It's well known dermacol makeup cover. I use it to hide my birthmarks on my face. Even though I am not ashamed of having them, sometimes I like to see my face with no blemish at all, and dermacol helps. You only need a tiny drop of foundation and a lot of blending, and it does miracles. Shouldn't use it on your whole face, as it closes your pores and is waterproof because it might get you into having skin problems, so use it under your main foundation and only onto problematic places or places you want to hide. Also, it's SPF 30, so it will protect your skin from sunburning. Price vary from £5 to £10  for a 30g tube, but it will last you for a while. If you would like to order it, please visit a website here.  If you think of getting it off eBay or any other site, please make sure it's not a fake one, because just as MAC there is a lot of counterfeit dermacol foundations for sale. 

My favorite hand cream? Mary Kay! I don't have a full tube yet, only a sample one, because it lasts so long that I still don't need to get a full one. It's a great product; it makes your hands feel like you're a baby again. It's not a budget product if you plan on buying a full one, because even if Mary Kay is a super quality product, they are also quite expensive. But you can always ask one of your local distributors to give you a sample tube to try it out to see if you are going to like it. It might sound like cheating, but I don't call it so. However, if you want to get a full-size tube straight away it's about £9 for an 85g tube, and it's fragrance-free, you can get it on their official website here

Another mascara I currently use is from essence called ''Lash Princess'' It supposed to give you fake lash effect. And it does for sure, but this mascara is horrible when it comes to taking it off with makeup removal. You may use like three wipes or more, and it's still there. It does its job as a mascara it looks beautiful, your eyelashes are long and dark, doesn't stick with each other, but be ready to work a bit to clean it off. Would I repurchase it if I knew how hard it is to clean it? Definitely. Price is only about £2.50-£3.50 either you get it in store or online. For an online shopping like please click here

My new cosmetic box find is this W7 Porefection pore minimizer. No, it doesn't make your pores go away, but it hides them so well and doesn't damage your skin. It's not like an actual foundation, it's more like some foam you rub in your face, but you got to rub it well into your skin where the pores are highly visible, or you'll not get any effect out of this product. It's a small tube, but you only need a small amount so it might end up in your cosmetic kit for a while. Seems to be the same as Benefit POREfessional at a much lower price. I got it from makeup outlets in the United Kingdom, but you can get it online for about £6.  You can look for it on Ebay.

The only face cream I ever used and will use forever. It's Dove rich nourishment cream. And I only paid £1 for this massive tube of cream which might last me for like half a year or so. It's a great cream; I always use it after a shower, it gives my face skin a refreshment and a pleasant smell. I'd think twice of using it if you got oily skin because this cream would make it even more oily but if your skin is dry or regular, it works wonders for such a price. I've got mine in Poundland shop in the UK, but I think you can also find it in any other store, or online on eBay here.  It's funny because it cost almost £10 on eBay which would be a reasonable price if I didn't know that you could get it for £1. But if talking about quality and not the price, I can say that quality of this cream is 10/10, and it will keep on staying as my number 1 cream for my face. 

Last, but not least. Loose mineral powder from Asdas line called George. I only use it under my eyes after applying concealer to make it look more natural and to keep my concealer in place. I've tried many different ones, and every other I tried looked awful in pictures if you use flash. It made my face look like I am some ghost but this one is barely visible in images whether you use flash or not. It's excellent coverage, easily applied and stays there for a long time whether you use fixing spray or not. And the price is only like £3 if you buy it directly from Asda store. You can also get it online, but the cost at Asda store website is £4. If you choose online buying, you can get it here.  

Hope you enjoyed it and found something for yourself. This was my very first review, so I just tried to be honest and open as always, forgive me if it doesn't look like a decent review you usually see on the internet. If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave your questions in comments or email me on

Have a good day, save money for traveling and get makeup on a budget way instead!  xoxo.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Beauty lessons from Mom


Hey there!

Quite often it is still believed that beauty is a natural gift. That belief is so wrong. Yes, we are beautiful from the birth, and every woman is beautiful inside and out, but it is essential to preserve that external beauty - to emphasize individual qualities. Grace is a combination of harmonious shapes and clothes, face and hair... A beautiful looking woman trusts herself, she is calm, and that is because she is convinced of the pleasant impression she puts on everyone around. I am writing this article while visiting my homeland Lithuania and my beloved mom's stories inspire this. And I want to share them with you today. You can agree or disagree, it‘s apparently up to you. Enjoy.

"Beauty is the most influential woman's weapon. How much in this life can be won by beauty alone, few who manage to resist women's charm? Women are reaching for beauty all their lives, even though sometimes they deny it. From youth to the end of life, they strive to be attractive, because the inside and outside beauty have no limits. Each woman has its beauty secret, so being beautiful is not hard at all. As education forms a character, and education of intelligence, as well the natural need of a woman to be beautiful, is necessary to be taught for a woman to develop her aesthetic charm and taste, and to teach her how to be amazing. But be aware that the beauty of the real woman is not physical, not only that makes her attractive. The real beauty of a woman is born of the harmony of the body and spiritual beauty.
All our beauty depends on ourselves. It requires knowledge and the most important - desire to achieve it. Appear attractive - far more than being beautiful since birth. This is the art which every woman must govern. What to do always to look nice?
First of all, keep in mind the saying: "It's better to save than to cure." As much as possible, protect your natural beauty - the very nature of your greatest wealth. Use natural remedies provided by nature. The "Sleeping Beauty" tale tells us one of the most important natural sources of beauty - sleep and relaxation. After every rest and sleep, our beauty comes back alive. Suitably combining work with rest can make you look great for a long time without much effort. Use the natural factors to charm your body. Pure air is an essential supporting tool. Learn how to breathe correctly to get enough oxygen in the blood. Do not forget the simple tools: daily exercise, outing, and jogging. Beneficial are air baths, but for it to be effective, footwear must be comfortable, and the clothes lose. While singing in the field, the lungs are well cleansed, and also singing calms the nervous system, one of the most critical factors in beauty.
Do not forget the sun - a source of life and beauty. It is said that once the sun was looking for a pretty woman, today beautiful women are looking for the sun. But the stick has two ends - remember that the rays of the sun give health and beauty, but its unwise use can make you hurt yourself.
Legends say that beauty was born out of the water. Aphrodite is out of the sea. No one can beat the water in the beauty battle; it helps a woman save her beauty or make her even more beautiful.
The climate is one of the essential factors in beauty; the most beautiful women were born in the mild Mediterranean climate countries - ancient Elada and ancient Rome. Climate change - resting on the seaside or in the mountains - has a magical effect. All natural factors can be combined with physical, cultural exercises. By modest use, body harmony is achieved.
It is not accidentally emphasized that beautiful skin is vital for a woman. Therefore, it needs special care.
And the most important thing is cleanliness! If you want to be attractive, follow hygiene rules. Know how and when what soap to use. With age many cosmetic things are happening to us: drying skin, producing spots on our face. To prevent them – that's why skin should be looked after. Because of the defects due to biological aging - we can either hide after a sore or accept the fact that we are not getting any younger. It's nice to have an excellent aesthetic taste, gain the right knowledge about body and skin hygiene and cosmetic care. It's never too late to be beautiful. "

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Communication with parents

Wednesday, can you smell the weekend yet?

Hey there!

This will be a long article, so take a cup of coffee, sit comfortably and stay tuned, if you like this make sure you leave a comment and share your experience as well. My teenage years were the hardest. I had a lot of questions, but I did not want to listen to those who thought that they had answers. I wanted to learn everything myself because I did not believe and did not trust the information that my parents gave me.

I felt a kind of hostility to my parents, because, like most teenagers, I thought that I was an outspoken child. I thought I was out and misunderstood. I convinced myself that my family and the whole world were against me. Over the years, I realized that I was not alone in that feeling. Most teens feel the same. It would be wonderful to have parents who would be helpful in any situation, but this is usually impossible. Our parents are just people, like everybody else, so we often feel that they are wrong, unexplained, lacking understanding of what we are going through. Therefore, as we grow up, many of us try to treat our children differently from how our parents treated us. However, we learn from the surrounding world, so sooner or later we begin to behave and publish the same judgments, which our parents also admired.

I firmly believe that it is essential for us to find the time and learn more about the childhood of our parents. If your parents are alive, you can ask "How was it when you were growing up? What was your family like?" Having learned more about our parents, we can see the model that formed them as of how they are now and at the same time understand why they behaved with us in some way. Knowing them closer, you will be able to build closer mutual relationships based on love, mutual respect, and trust. Many people are already grown up and continue to be in teenager complaints about their power with their parents. Parents can continuously control us, and if you want this to end, you have to stop it yourself. Time to grow and decide what you want. You can start calling your parents by their names. Calling them Mommy and Daddy, when you are in your fourth decade, you'll be clinging to the role of a young child. Begin to become adults; you should not only be children and parents.

I am also worried about the increasing number of suicides in teenagers. This means that more and more young people feel overwhelmed by their commitment to life, and they tend to give up faster without feeling any pleasure in life. A big part of this problem relates to the kind of response to life situations that they get from parents. We try to make them work according to our wishes, or we fail to criticize them. Children 10 or 15 years old can be very critical about themselves. They try to adapt, so they will do their utmost to fit in. When trying to fit everywhere, they conceal real feelings because they are afraid to be rejected and misunderstood. The stress of my teen years, which I experienced while being a teenager, was a bit obtuse compared to the problems these days, but even when I was fifteen, for some reason, I was starting to let myself down. Think about how today's child is baffled by drug abuse, alcoholism, physical violence, sexually transmitted diseases, group wars, family troubles, etc., etc. As a parent, you can discuss with your teenager about the differences between negative and positive social pressures. From the very first moment of our birth to the last day we leave the planet, there is a squeeze of pressure. We need to learn how to deal with it and prevent it from controlling. It is essential to know why your children are shy, disobedient, sad, slow or not fit in school. Children are heavily influenced by the habits of thinking and thinking that they acquire at home so that he or she makes decisions on a daily basis in this belief system. If the house is not based on love and trust, the child will seek love, and compassion elsewhere. Often children feel safe in their "company." Though imperfect, it responds as their family. I firmly believe that many seriously wrong attempts in life would be avoided if we could encourage young people to ask ourselves a critical question before doing something: "Will this make me feel better?" We can help teenagers choose in each situation. Choice and sense of responsibility bring power back to our hands. It makes them not to feel like the victims of the system. If we can persuade children that they are not victims and can change their experience, taking responsibility for their lives, we will begin to see significant changes.

It is still vital to keep in touch with children, especially when they start reaching teenage. Most often, when children start talking about their favorite and most disliked things, they are repeatedly told "Do not say so. Do not do this. Do not think so. Do not do this, no, no no. "Finally, the children stop communicating and sometimes leave their homes. If you want your children to stay in touch with you, stay in touch with them while they are younger. Praise your child's uniqueness. Encourage teenagers to express themselves the way they want, even though this sounds just as a joke to you. Do not hang them, do not submerge them. During my life, I had loads of “I want to do this and that,” I think it will be so for your teenagers.

Remember that children never behave like they are being told to. They act in the way they see us moving. You can not say "Do not smoke, do not drink" if you do it yourself. We need to be an example and live a life that we would like for our children. When parents try to love themselves, it's great to see harmony in the family. Children reward a new sense of self-esteem, begin to respect and appreciate who they are.

*And this stage is the most important. If the family is at risk of divorce or the parents are already divorced, it is essential that each parent support the kid. It's harrowing for a child to say that one of the parents is bad. As parents, you have to love yourself, regardless of any anger. Kids will choose feelings for you. If you experience a lot of noise and pain, children will learn it. Explain that your "nothingness" has nothing to do with them and their intrinsic value. Explain to them that what happened was not due to their fault, because sometimes children think that way. Let them know that you love them.

Parents who love themselves will understand that it is so easy to teach children to enjoy themselves. If we respect ourselves, then by our example we can teach kids. The more we try to love ourselves, the more and our children will understand that this is a great thing and will like us and ourselves more.

Sarande, Albania. PHOTO BLOG.

Photo Blog of Sarande, Algarve.
Please click on each picture to see it in full size.
enjoy ❤
In the mountains

Almost reaching the sky!

The view ❤

Sarande city center

Balcony view

Albanian flag

Beautiful sunset

Sarande City, Albania

Bora Bora beach, Ksamil, Albania

In between of Albania and Greece

Bora Bora

Bora Bora beach, you can see Corfu from there

Little Islands in the middle of water

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Are you creating your fate?

Sunday Funday is a test your self day!

Hey there!

Hope you're having a great Sunday. Let me introduce what I'll be doing today. I studied psychology for a while some time ago. And they’ve been teaching us about some specific tests that might answer some of your questions about your self. I’d like to share one I made with you today, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. Its an easy 8 question test that will show either you’re creating your fate or not.


                              Are you creating your fate?

Take a paper sheet and a pencil and answer all the questions as honestly as you can. Count the points you’ve got and scroll down to see your answers.

Please leave a comment below if the answer fitted you and was accurate enough. Thank you, good luck!

Would you like to change your spouse/partner behavior?
1.    Slightly, to raise it up to my level. 2points
2.    He/She has habits that I dislike, so I am hoping that with time I’ll succeed in changing it. 0points
3.    No, why would I? Everyone has the right to be their self. 4points

Do you listen to warnings and advice from your friends and relatives?

1.    Yes always. 4points
2.    No, I like to decide on my own. 0points
3.    Yes, I do but rarely. 2points

Do you like to discuss other people?
1.    I am sorry about that, but yes, I love it. 1point
2.    No, and I don’t like when other people do it. 5points
3.    Sometimes, but without being mean or rude. 3points

Do you care about other people opinions about you?
1.    Not really. 0points
2.    Absolutely not. 4points
3.    In some occasions yes. 2points

You are dealing with a critical problem, and in the middle of the work, you find that you have made a mistake in the beginning and you can ruin everything. What are you doing?
1.    Everyone makes mistakes. You keep going hoping it will turn out good. 0points
2.    Starting everything over again. 2points
3.    Trying to save what is still possible to be saved. 4points

Do you always believe what other people gossip about for you?
1.    Sometimes the stories I hear are so unbelievable that I doubt it. 3points
2.    Yes, I do believe, I don’t think people would lie. 1points
3.    No, never because it’s all just rumors. 5points

Do you think that you are a smart person?
1.    No, because most of my actions are based on my feelings. 1point
2.    Sometimes I follow the mind, sometimes my beliefs, so I guess I am 50/50. 3points
3.    Yes, I never do anything until I have thought of all the pluses and minuses. 5points

At the store, you noticed a fairly expensive thing that you want to buy. You have money, but there is still a lot missing. What are you doing?
1.    Borrowing the missing amount. 1point
2.   Once again counting on the money and wondering what you should be abandoning this month to have enough for your desired purchase. 4points
3.    I start to save the amount needed, hoping to buy the item later. 5points


If you got less than 10 points.
You’re ‘The Slave of your destiny.’
You cannot understand why you often find yourself in stressful situations. You begin to think that you are the loser because there is always something wrong in your life. However, when you get into a difficult situation, you do not even think of how you can get out of it. You end up in fate, hoping that over time, the problem will resolve itself. You do everything in a way as you don’t even want because you do not trust your strength. Try to get everything in your hands. Stop proving to yourself that the fate is unfavorable for you. Do not expect other people's help or compassion. Better think that failures will soon end, you need to get started and turn your head on how to solve problems and avoid grief discomfort. Try to anticipate your actions, and if you do not succeed, do not get sad - it's not the end of the world here. Make more confidence in yourself and be more persevering instead.

If you got between 10 and 24 points.
You‘re ‘Kick of the ball.’
Sometimes events happening around you comes to you unexpectedly. That's when you feel helpless, even if you try to hide it from others. Well, the good thing is that you’re not getting into despair but start thinking about what to do instead. The truth is, sometimes you put everything on your ‘bad destiny’ when you to change it. In this case, you do not create your destiny. And you shouldn’t do that this way. If the pancakes were thrilled for the first time, remix the dough. If you have been charged with someone, and you do not feel at all guilty, go and explain it to the person who accuses you. Remember that people learn from mistakes, and losers or unpleasant situations not only bring losses but also enrich the experience. From the psychological point of view, I would like to say that the creation of a fortune begins with a thought: at the beginning, there is a thought, then words, and then actions. It shapes the character and creates the fate. To become a strong person, the power of the mind is needed, i.e., strong thoughts. To gain the control of the brain, one must have a good understanding of what and how to think, when and how much to consider - from this self-transformation and positive changes - destiny begin.

If you got more than 24 points.
You don’t have any significant problems in your life, because your fate is all in your own hands! You know well when, where and how to act to make everything in your favor.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Trying out Lip plumper from Aliexpress. Review.

Greedy people pay twice...?

Hey there! 

Hope you all are having a good weekend. This morning I've received a parcel from Aliexpress. Guess almost every woman knows that site. If you don't know what it is - it's a Chinese site where they sell cheap stuff from makeup to furniture, etc., etc.  Shipping is usually free unless stated otherwise and items you bought will probably take from 2 weeks to 3 months to arrive depending on where you live.

So a month ago I ordered this so-called '' Lip Plumper''. Got one pack of 10 pcs for only £2.21 + free shipping.  I always read reviews, especially the ones with pictures included, and I suggest you do the same, for your safety. It's always better to get an item where you can see people bought it and got exactly what it said in the description. Anyway, this time there was only like two reviews, but I wanted to try it out, so I risked and ordered. 

 The package looked good, just as it was shown in pictures, the only thing that worried me, all ten little packs were stuck with each other, so I had to separate them with my fingers, but I guess it happens when you're sending parcels.

Once I opened it, all the fluids just popped all over my jeans because of the pressure, so if you'll be buying it place a towel or something before opening to make sure you'll not ruin your clothes. First thing I took off the package, was this white plastic lip plumper holder, and it was all sticky and wet because of the fluids.

I was still concerned, so I kept going. The last thing I took off the package was the real lip plumper. Please note, it's only one time usable, so You have to throw it away after using! I honestly imagined it to be way different, but it looked like a piece of lip-shaped gum, and it was also sticking to my fingers all the way while I tried to apply it onto my lips.

When I finally managed to put it on my lips without it falling off, I realized this was a huge mistake. Not only it was all sticky, but it tasted horrible! Have you ever got makeup removal into your mouth or on your lips by accident? If you did, you know the taste is awful. So this lip plumper tasted precise like the makeup removal taste like. I had to keep it on my lips for approximately 15-20 minutes, and it was most awful minutes of my life.

After 20 minutes of suffering that horrible taste on my lips, I was finally able to take it off, hoping that my lips will look like after some botox injections or something. Sadly, it was just another disappointment, they were all red and sore, but not any bigger or better looking. So basically, I kept that awful sticky thing on my lips for absolutely no reason. Do I recommend this thing? No. Unless You buy it off from some better-known shop, and not from China.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Algarve, Portugal. PHOTO BLOG.

 Photo Blog of Algarve, Portugal.
Please click on each picture to see it in full size.
enjoy ❤

Old train in Faro

City sign of  Faro

Arco da Vila
Faro streets

Lagos streets
Deep in old town
Lagos beach
Caves in Lagos city
Balcony view from our Airbnb flat
Faro beach
Exploring Lagos
Lagos beach cave
Exploring caves
Beautiful place in Lagos beach
Palms and sun❤
Albufeira beach
Day in wawes
Sao Rafel beach